Old West Replica Leg Cuffs              

Item Code: SNAL1312

Specifications :

Overall Length : 48"

Approx Weight : 910 Gm

Medieval Dungeon Key Set         

Item Code: SNAL1390

Specifications :

Approx Weight : 255 Gm

Ancient Dungeon Padlock With Chainmail Keychain

Item Code: SNAL1351

From treasure chects to dungeon chains, one thing was for sure - a strong lock was needed to keep property safe prisoners secure. this working reproduction, medieval lock has been antiqued and handmade so it looks and function as the originals did.
The ancient style of look was in use for hundreds of years and became popular with the post office when mail and money was transported in the old west by stage or rail. the medieval padlock is perfect to keep your treadure or prisoner secure.

Available with 2 Key
Length: 10 cm
Width: 9 cm                             

Approx Weight: 320 gm

Iron Medieval Neck Cuff          

Item Code: SNAL1305

Measuring approximately 9 inches across in diameter and crafted from hand-forged high carbon steel, this neck collar was worn by medieval criminals. Heavy and tough with an antique finish, this fully functional collar has a removable screw for closure.

Specifications :

Diameter : 9"

Approx Weight : 1.010 Kg

Medieval Handcuff                   

Item Code: SNAL1301BK

​Vlad III of Romania, Prince of Wallachia from 1448 to 1476, was so much well know for the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign that he was the primary inspiration for the most famous Vampire character ever :Dracula.

These functional replica handcuffs with key are perfect to replicate the originals in use during those dark days of Romanian Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs for you medieval dungeon? Our Vlad the Impaler handcuffs are exactly what you need.

Overall Length : 25 cm
Approx Weight : 520 Gm 

Shackles Dungeon Medieval - HandCuffs

Item Code: SNAL1304

​​The cuff is made from three hand-forged flat steel parts. There are hinged forged to the ends, so the cuffs are foldable and fully operational. They could be locked with a bolt or a medieval padlock.

Diameter of the wrist closures: approx 7 cm
Total length: 44 cm
Material: flat steel
Weight: 1.400 kg
Surface: forged (lightly oiled)