Chainmaille Skirt

​Chainmaille Skirt is a protective garment for the torso to be worn below the breastplate, around the waist with the help of a leather belt or string. 

Made of flat Mild Steel rings with round rivets woven in the medieval 4 in 1 pattern, our standard size skirt is 11" in length and can fit a maximum waist size of 35". The large size skirt is 15” in length and can fit a maximum waist size of 42”.

Chainmail Sleeve with Partial Chest

With development of plate armour, the full and heavy hauberk was no longer necessary. Knights and men at arms only kept light maille sleeves sewn to their arming doublets to protect vulnerable areas that plate armour could not.

These chainmail sleeves are strapped to the gambeson at the shoulder, affording upper and lower arm protection, without the added weight of the hauberk. Sleeves can be designed with or without the mittens attached.

Our chainmaille sleeves come in following 2 sizes: 

• M / L 

Chainmail Haubergeon (Short Sleeves)

This Chainmail Haubergeon is a shirt of mid thigh length with elbow length sleeves. Each of these incredible chainmaille shirts is painstakingly and skillfully created by hand, to form a continuous blanket of metal ring protection. Our craftsmen use the most authentic medieval 4 in 1 pattern of maille. 

Haubergeons are available in five sizes, namely, 

• Small (chest size - 40 inches) 
• Medium (chest size - 46 inches) 
• Large (chest size - 52 inches) 
• Extra Large (chest size - 58 inches) 
• Double Extra Large (chest size - 64 inches) 

For a good fit, make sure you wear all clothing / padding before taking measurements. Anybody opting for a medium size shirt should have maximum chest size 40 inches with the gambeson on. Our medium size gambeson would fit under our standard medium size Haubergeon.