Needle Case or Black Powder Apostle  


Item Code: LB25281

Specifications :

Size : 11.5cm

Approx Weight : 51 Gm

Material : Mango Wood

Leather Cord Size : 28 cm

Three Legged Stand (120 cms)

​Item Code:SNAC8511M

​This is a solid tripod, hand forged in steel.

It had simple hook attachment for hanging pots or grills.

Technically a very nice and solid piece of metal, it is also an authentic piece of equipment for medieval and LARP.

Height: 120 cm

 Trivet Tripod Cooking Stand               

 Item Code:SNAC8505

​​This sturdy Tripod Stand, hand forged in steel.

Specifications :

Height : 9"
Approx Weight: 1.6 kg

Wax Tablets with Brass Stylus 

Item Code:SNAC8525

The wax tablets or Tabulae is a temporary medium of writing, used during the medieval days. It consists of two planks of wood connected by a string of leather, which are carved from the centre and wax is being filled in. A metal stylus, having two ends (one pointed and one flared) is being used to write with the pointed end and to erase/flatten wax, from the other side. Available in all kind of wood and 3-4 colours of wax.

Width:  10 cms
Length: 17 cms
Length of the stylus: 10.5 cms
Approx Weight: 210 Gm

Handforged Hinge with Curled End

Item Code:SNAC8517

Spanish-style medieval hinges are superb for a chest, dowry box or for a door; This STYLISH HINGE will add a ultimate historic character to your carpentry work in house. Hand forged steel. The Medieval "Hinge with Curled Ends" is very Solid Processed. It Has the dimensions 24 X 2,3 / 6,5 cm and is 3 mm thick.

The Hinge is provided with two holes of 6 mm diameter for mounting. 

S Shaped hook                      Item Code:SNAC8504 

Our hand-forged S Shaped Hooksmade of iron are ideal for market and camp life for hanging lamps, pots, market goods, etc.
These hooks are untreated and may have rust.
Our S Shaped hooks are available in 2 sizes,

SNAC 8504 S -  S Shaped Hook  (Small)  -  8 cm x 3.5 cm
Approx Weight: 30 gm
SNAC 8504 M - S Shaped Hook  (Medium) -  11 cm x 5 cm

Approx Weight: 50 gm

Hand Forged Grill (Small)   Item Code:SNAC8503S

​​This is a very attractive replica of a gridiron gate popular among romans and during the middle ages. The grate can be placed over the camp fire or else hung from a tripod. There are rings attached to the gridirons legs for this purpose. All joints of the gridiron are reveted by hand. This product may show traces of soot from the forging process, as well as be slightly oily.

This hand froged grill measures 9.5 x  13.5 inches.

Approx Weight: 3.4 kg

Cooking Kettle Saw Hook          

Item Code:SNAC8523

Specifications :

Minimum length: 30 cm
Maximum length: 58 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Approx Weight : 577 Gm

S Shaped Hook (Twisted Body)      

Item Code:SNAC8514

Our hand-forged S Shaped Hooks made of iron are ideal for market and camp life for hanging lamps, pots, market goods, etc.

These hooks are untreated and may have rust and the twisted shape give it an attractive look.

Size: 10 cm

Approx Weight: 55 gm