Round Wooden Plate Deep 21 cm

Item Code:SNAC8413

​This round wooden Bowl is approximately 21.5 cm in diameter, 3 cm deep.

Weight - 232 Gm

Hand forged Cutlery Set Stainless Steel with Sheath   Item Code: LB25207

An authentic and useable hand forged iron metal cutlery set of spoon, fork and knife for eating etc. Hand forged from stainless steel and given a blackened antique finish for an authentic look, this cutlery set includes a knife, fork and spoon to give you everything you need for a taste of authentic medieval camp life. The set features little elegant twist designs and holes punched at the base, adding a fine touch of detail.This cutlery set includes a Spoon, Fork and Knife. This cutlery set is hand forged of Iron

Spoon : 22 cm
Fork : 17 cm
Knife : 22 cm                           

Approx Weight : 170 Gm

Forged Viking Neck knife (Small)  

Item Code:SNAC8415

Specifications :

Cutting Edge: 6.5 cm
Overall Length : 11 cm
Approx Weight: 29.5 Gm

Viking Knife with Scabbard            

Item Code :  LB25291

Specifications :

Knife Size : 22.5 cm

Approx Weight with Scabbard : 278 Gm

Roundel Dagger With Scabbard

Item Code : LB25565

Specifications :

Overall Length : 17"

Blade Length :  12"

Handle Length : 5"

Weight : 360 Gm

Hand Forged knife with Leather Sheaths

Item Code : LB25406

Specifications :

Knife Size 40cm

Approx Weight with Scabbard  : 440gm

Medieval Brass Spoon

Item Code : LB25356

Specifications :

Approx Length : 14.5cm

Approx Weight : 40 Gm

Material : Brass

Finish : Brass

Pot Fork                         Item Code:SNAC8411

​​Specifications :

Overall Length: 33 cm
Approx Weight: 102 Gm

Wooden Spoon            

Item Code : LB25153

Specifications :

Approx Length : 7.5"
Approx Weight : 28 Gm

Primitive Hand Hammered Ladle with long Handle                       Item Code:SNAC8418

This is a beautiful 19th Century antique cooking utensil.  This is a heavy iron cooking ladle, completely hand forged. The end of the handle is rolled over for hanging and tiny flat curls have been added to accent the long handle.

Handle Length: 30 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
Depth: 3 cm approx
Approx Weight: 240 Gm

Hand Forged Spoon, Fork , Knife with Leather Scabbard                       Item Code:SNAC8405

​​This cutlery set includes a Spoon, Fork and Knife. This cutlery set is hand forged of stainless steel.

Overall Length:

Spoon: 21 cm

Fork: 17 cm

Knife: 21 cm

Approx Weight: 180 gm

Medieval Eating Pick          Item Code:SNAC8404

This is a perfect replica of an eating pick used during the Middle Ages, instead of a fork. Neatly polished and oiled, this eating pick is 17 cms long approximately.

Approx Weight: 39 Gm
Made in Stainless Steel.

Long-Handled Medieval Iron Skillet

Item Code:SNAC8417

​This wrought-iron pan is simple yet sturdy. It is massive with a long hand-forged riveted handle.

Specifications :

Material thickness: 3 mm
Diameter: 20 cm approx
Handle Length: 55 cm approx
Approx Weight: 1.030 kg

Viking Utility Knife  (Medium)

Item Code:SNAC8416

Specifications :

Cutting Edge: 6.5 cm
Overall Length : 13 cm
Approx Weight: 39.5 Gm

Viking Kettle Flat              Item Code:SNAC8402

This wrought-iron pan is simple yet sturdy.

 It is massive with a long hand-forged  riveted handle. 

Diameter: 21 cm

Depth : 8 cm

Height of Handle: 13 cm

Approx Weight: 1.220 kg